10 UGLIEST Men’s Style Mistakes Guys Make | Fugly Fashion Faux Pas

gentlemen you have done an amazing job improving your image your grooming is great manners magnificent your style is straight for the most part but apparently

my work here is not done because there are men out there that are still making some incredibly horrendous style choices I’m talking like what ugly a style choice number one is jeans with but Blanc and Hardy to True Religion whether or not it’s got big massively embroidered pockets or just some weird

Tiger on your butt cheek gentlemen designer pockets are a no-go ugly-ass style choice number two is affliction anything tap out regardless if it looks like you should be an ultimate fighter and you’re not even if you are and you’re way yiii no ugly ass choice number three is absolutely not going to be a surprise to anyone and that is a big baggy pair of pleated and cuff khakis big baggy roomy comfortable

who cares the terrible-looking finna go flat front go no cuff amigo number for bulky black square toe shoes sorry I used to have them 18 years ago you probably had them too but if we’re still rocking them my friends you look ridiculous number five is a personal pet peeve of mine and that is the man mule I don’t know about you but I just think these look horrible they’re ugly number six makes

my eyes bleed oversized suits size down visit a tailor there are options gentlemen when you wear a big baggy suit you are totally killing that’s super smooth sexy image that

you would have otherwise been obtaining if the suit actually fit you but it does in its bag it’s horrible it doesn’t matter how much you spend if it’s big it’s bad number seven going out shirts shiny ultra fitted flamboyant go with something that’s less shiny little less fitted and maybe button up what a hammam probably the wrong per ask about buttons

I’m about to piss off a legion of 15 year old dudes with number 8 which is puka-shell necklace is number 9 the mid-calf short longer than shorts shorter than capris and a hundred percent ugly and ugly a style choice number 10 anything with flames or animal print says the guy with the leopard robe that’s a conversation piece gentlemen hopefully you are not committing any of these style sins or wearing any of these ugly style choices but did I miss something if so please let me know down in the comments what’s the ugliest thing that dudes wear that drive you absolutely nuts and make your eyeballs bleed with uncomfortable style dissatisfaction

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