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How To Hem Your Pants | Mens Fashion Tips

what is up you guys so this is going to  be a quick tutorial on how to hem your  pants  sorry if I sound weird I’m pretty sick  but as you can see the pants are far too  long

we’re going to shorten them up and  make them look nice the easiest way to  do this is to roll them up like so and  use a pin to hold them in place wherever  you want them Carlos likes his pants  cropped above the ankles so that’s why  we’re making it so high or you can use  some chalk to do the same exact thing

this is the most important part so pay  attention this line you’re making here  is going to be where your hem or bottom  of the pants is when you’re all done  these next two measurements are where

you’re going to roll your pants so  they’re nice and neat I use either a 1/2  inch or 3/4 of an inch and give you  enough room cut off the very bottom and  you’re almost ready to start  basically from here on out you’re going  to make a roll at each line until you  reach the top line

where your head is  going to be use an iron to flatten  everything out to make sure your rules  do not come undone once you have reached  the original line where your hem is  going to be pin everything in place and  start to sew sewing is easiest part you  go around in a circle until you reach  the very beginning give it a little bit  back stitch and you’re good to go  so there’s a finished looked if you want  to see how to style these and how to  wear these check out the video at the  end  you

10 UGLIEST Men’s Style Mistakes Guys Make | Fugly Fashion Faux Pas

gentlemen you have done an amazing job improving your image your grooming is great manners magnificent your style is straight for the most part but apparently

my work here is not done because there are men out there that are still making some incredibly horrendous style choices I’m talking like what ugly a style choice number one is jeans with but Blanc and Hardy to True Religion whether or not it’s got big massively embroidered pockets or just some weird

Tiger on your butt cheek gentlemen designer pockets are a no-go ugly-ass style choice number two is affliction anything tap out regardless if it looks like you should be an ultimate fighter and you’re not even if you are and you’re way yiii no ugly ass choice number three is absolutely not going to be a surprise to anyone and that is a big baggy pair of pleated and cuff khakis big baggy roomy comfortable

who cares the terrible-looking finna go flat front go no cuff amigo number for bulky black square toe shoes sorry I used to have them 18 years ago you probably had them too but if we’re still rocking them my friends you look ridiculous number five is a personal pet peeve of mine and that is the man mule I don’t know about you but I just think these look horrible they’re ugly number six makes

my eyes bleed oversized suits size down visit a tailor there are options gentlemen when you wear a big baggy suit you are totally killing that’s super smooth sexy image that

you would have otherwise been obtaining if the suit actually fit you but it does in its bag it’s horrible it doesn’t matter how much you spend if it’s big it’s bad number seven going out shirts shiny ultra fitted flamboyant go with something that’s less shiny little less fitted and maybe button up what a hammam probably the wrong per ask about buttons

I’m about to piss off a legion of 15 year old dudes with number 8 which is puka-shell necklace is number 9 the mid-calf short longer than shorts shorter than capris and a hundred percent ugly and ugly a style choice number 10 anything with flames or animal print says the guy with the leopard robe that’s a conversation piece gentlemen hopefully you are not committing any of these style sins or wearing any of these ugly style choices but did I miss something if so please let me know down in the comments what’s the ugliest thing that dudes wear that drive you absolutely nuts and make your eyeballs bleed with uncomfortable style dissatisfaction


what’s going on people Eddie win back in  today quick video for you guys showing  you how

I turn some of my old fall and  winter clothing into summertime shorts  now this is nothing new I’m sure some of  you guys do this as well  I usually do it in the summertime right  around now so I figured

I would share  with you guys which type of pants I’m  turning into shorts I’m always trying to  share ideas with you guys so that you  can save a little bit of money you don’t  have to go out and buy shorts

you  probably already have some in your  closet so let’s do it


what’s up guys welcome back to my  channel my name is Alex and lately I’ve  been making a lot of videos and what.

you  should be wearing to see your friends to  hang out to go to parties but the  reality is a lot of you guys have  nine-to-five jobs as do i I work at  Google specifically I work at YouTube so  today

I wanted to make a video about  what you should consider when dressing  up for work everyday let’s get to it the  first thing you should think about is  what type of clothing is allowed where  you work so how do

you figure out your  boundaries the best thing to do here is  to look around are your colleagues and  see what they’re wearing now you can  kind of create this spectrum of what’s  accepted some might be wearing ties  other just a button-up shirt or maybe a  polo you can always ask a colleague who  you trust if you feel like that would be  helpful  after you do a little bit of research in  your office you can then figure out  where

you stand you can wear jeans  sometimes even distressed jeans like  these here combined with a button-up  shirt as long as you know what’s allowed  my rule of thumb for work attire is  never be the least dressed up person in  the room you don’t want to look like  you’re the laziest one there be mindful  of comfort you’re going to work for  eight two sometimes ten hours a day or  more you need to feel good in what

you’re wearing this is a brand I’ve  recently discovered called Ministry of  supply they make really nice office  clothing and focus on comfort and  movement with light and breathable  material so it matches exactly what I’m  looking for working in an office like  this is great because it gives me a lot  of freedom to wear pretty casual  clothing so this is what I usually wear  to work on a regular day now if

I know  I’ll have an important meeting or lunch  that day I might dress up a little bit  more just to be 100% sure that I’m  dressed appropriately also one of the  best things about Ministry of supply is  that they tailor your clothes for free  and some of your stories and if you just  need basic tailoring do it and they will  reimburse you

I got this shirt tailored  from them it looks amazing so I ended up  getting these pants here as well fYI  they don’t even get wrinkled so they’re  perfect for traveling I’ll leave all  their info in the description below  if you’re looking into getting some cool  new pieces to wear to work I really  recommend getting new accessories I  always wear watches to work because

I  feel like that completes my outfit but  it could be anything from really nice  socks to bracelets or even glasses that  stand out I really like this shirt from  scotch and Soda because it has this tiny  detail here and it shows character and  personality but it’s still professional  sometimes grooming will make or break an  outfit if you’re going away or a casual  outfit to work you need to make sure

you’re well groomed otherwise it just  looks like you don’t care  trim your beard make sure your hair  isn’t messy and don’t ever wear wrinkled  clothing now that you have a better idea  of what to wear in the office make sure

you hit that subscribe button and turn  on the notifications to my channel so  you won’t miss my next videos you can  also find more outfit inspirations on my  Instagram everything is in the  description below I’ll be running some  giveaways there soon so make sure you go  check it out guys get out there get some  work done and look good doing it  peace  you

Mens Fashion Hacks & Tips for Winter 2017

what’s going on guys there’s your boy Jay Daniels and welcome back to the channel so in today’s video

we’re going to be talking about some men’s fashion hacks and styling tips that all

you guys can use up there for 2017 so I’ve got three tips for you guys out there and I’ll so once you finish watching this video you’re going to be full of ideas and inspiration and then they’ll want to see I hope much it’s chelate if I was to receive a snapchat from one of you lads out

there in some random girls bed the morning after the employer at the club casually taking a selfie while she’s asleep next to you I’d celebrate unmixed

you’re underage and that is breaking the law don’t do that stay in school and study because later on in life you will need that good grade in science said nobody ever are miss science I was that kid who was in the bottom saying low shit up and then just paper airplanes around the class

I didn’t get sent out to the Headmaster’s office like even then I was like wonder around school half an hour file efficient classroom and it just like peek through the window see if I’m can try concept with him on with the video so tip number one is about ripped and distressed clothing now rips and distressed jeans they’ve been around longer than some of us however a

few years ago ripped clothing burst back onto the scene and has been a huge trend since I’m a huge fan of this trend and currently possess a lot of items in my wardrobe that are ripped from ripped jeans to t-shirts and even a denim jacket you can pretty much get any clothing item in a distress form it’s very very important to guys and it’s a great style some will say a huge influencer who really does push this

trend is the man himself can us if you don’t know who can new West is and you’ve been living under a rock he is one of the biggest rappers in the world and currently bangs it however when it comes to distress clothing you want to avoid wearing them for the majority of smart occasions men’s fashion tip number two

I give you is on longline that clothing items again another popular trend that has taken off over the years is substituting normal-sized clothing items for a longer version t-shirts bomber jackets hoodies jumpers are all very popular options and I expect this trend to continue well into 2017 and beyond one of

my favorite outfit of the days to wear is this right here the longer t-shirt here with a normal-sized bomber jacket this is a very popular combination in the world of fashion and style and trends however

I wouldn’t personally wear it to long line quite litems at the same time because it just takes away at the long line affect the expression tip one of the reasons that I love winter so so much is because we get to layer up now they or not is for any occasion you can layer up for a smart occasion by wearing a shirt a jumper and a leather jacket or a matte jacket also create some great Street style outfits when layering up take the outfit from last week’s video for example this is one of my favorite layered outfits because of the contrast of the colors

I really think that the bright red and the blue denim jacket really does go well together why should we layer up reason number one to keep warm you step out in the cold to meet your friends at the shopping mall you don’t want to freeze to death walk in there when you get inside you can always take one of the layers off and

you still look great number two to put it simply it’s just so stylish so recap of the free tips look at buying some distressed clothing items if you want to improve your driving style fashion tip number two push yourself outside your comfort zone and substitute a normal sized clothing item for a longer line version and tip number three layer up because you don’t want to be having kids a young age so glad let me know in the comment section down below what you thought with today’s video if you find these tips helpful and you’ve got any video requests let me know in a comment section down below all my social media is also down in the description box for all you guys do you want to go follow me out there and I’ll see you guys back here next week I’m J Daniels

Clothing Should You Purchase Men’s Fashion Tips

hey guys welcome back to my channel for  another episode of streets out  so a lot of you has been requesting  recently to do a video on talking about  the essentials that

I think are  necessary to have in a wardrobe or what  are some tips and tricks I would use  when I come to just starting one over or  rebuilding it from the ground up if 

you’ve never really cared about fashion  and like the circus sense let’s start  with the basics and actually go with  basics every wardrobe should have pieces  that will work in multiple outfits these  are referred to as items as basics  basics are the foundation of any sort of  outfit those are like your basic tops 

your denims your regular overcoats or  jackets certain things that are very  streamlined  color neutrals whites blacks Gray’s  camels those sort of color tones that  can be used and be transferable spending  less on basics is a great way to save  money because a lot of the times you can  buy really affordable options at a so  saara hmm as clear examples of course if 

you are like me and like to collect  pieces from certain designers or you  like certain textile choices spending a  bit more money on basics do come with a  quality increase you’re essentially  paying what you get for so really make  that choice to yourselves

shoes is an  interesting area of debate on my channel  a lot of guys find that they don’t  really want to spend a lot of money on  shoes versus the sneakerhead community  of people who do follow me and like to  collect I would say if you fall  somewhere in the middle choose shoes 

that will have multiple purposes  aka a pair of transferable sneakers that  can work from day to night  I’ve a pair I’ve dressier shoes that are  great for you know work events are going  out specifically to certain family  functions and I would say have a cool  pair of shoes that sort of fit somewhere  in the middle I like to kind of price up  my ranges I spend a lot of money on my  shoes simply because

I love collecting  shoes I love the story behind certain  pieces that designers create that’s all  personal preference but I would say if  you’re going to go for you know more  moderate price point shoes look at the  quality because at the end of the day a  shoe will get ruined very quickly and  you’ll end up spending more on  pears that you ruined fast than one that  will last a while a solid pair of denim  can change any outfit and to be honest  having two to three different types of  denims in your wardrobe

I would say does  a really solid job of covering a lot of  the bases whether it be a slight very  clean form-fitting black pair of jeans a  like distressed blue pair and maybe you  know something a little bit more  stylized with a few more rips or  distressed you know details to it having  three pairs of jeans gives you enough  range to cover a lot of the outfits that  you need especially with black working  both in the day and night of course the  more you spend usually the more you’re  going to get in terms of quality

that it  isn’t always the case though and I  really want to stress that just because  someone spent like four hundred dollars  on a pair of jeans doesn’t necessarily  mean it’s going to look as good as a  $100 pair of jeans or a $200 pair of  jeans or a $50 pair of jeans look for  fit look for quality of the denim

it  hasn’t been pre-distressed has it been  hand washed has looked what are the  finishes on those jeans those are all  super important characteristics of when  you’re looking at pants that can make  the difference between a pair of jeans  looking cheap or really like tacky  I do think having one major like sort of  overcoat slash like evening jacket is a  staple in your wardrobe don’t confuse  this with the blazer though because

I do  think every guy should have a blazer in  their wardrobe for you know work office  events family functions holidays you  know dates at a more upscale restaurant  for instance but I do think having an  overcoat is great because you do need  something for those colder months that  acts like as a sort of like

you know  protective barrier from the cold for  instance but I do think having something  that is a little more style that’s  usually something that’s black or grey  camel just adds a little pop it’s gonna  be really Universal and transferable  will work with most outfits  of course

I spend a little bit more on  certain jackets than I do with others I  think it’s going to come down to  designer preference at that point and  like your aesthetic choice just because  I might spend a little bit more on an  overcoat doesn’t mean that you have to  to still be stylish like take some of  the pieces that I’m wearing and use it  for inspiration if you don’t want to  spend that money

I just personally  choose to buy into the designer story  and like what comes with the outfit but  those are all things that I  that doesn’t mean you have to do that as  well having one to two dress shirts that  can you know work in an office  environment or be taken up to you know  like a club atmosphere

I think is  important for every guy whether you’re  dressing up a suit or dressing down and  wearing a pair of jeans a dress shirt is  kind of essential it can be used in you  know multiple different ways can be  styled completely differently I am very  street oriented with my fashion you guys  know that see that but

I definitely need  to dress up if I go to red-carpet events  if I go to galas YouTube events things  of that nature and sometimes true wear  isn’t always appropriate I was at a  wedding last week and I definitely had  to dress that up there are all kinds of  ways to save on dress shirts but I will  say that fit makes the most important 

aspect of any dress shirt you know come  across as being stylish make sure it  doesn’t tug too tightly on the shoulders  it is form-fitting it really depends on  taste if you like a more tapered look  but I think a good sign that a dress  shirt will work for you is how it tugs  on the shoulders if it’s really tight 

there you’re going to have issues  especially with lifting your arms up  it’s going to like raise the shirt up  especially if you haven’t tucked into  your pants which isn’t always the best  thing hopefully some of these tips can  help you guys in terms of rebuilding  your wardrobe make sure to check out the  other two videos

I did in the past and  the description box below do you want a  more like updated video talking about  you know buying designer clothes for  cheap let me know and maybe I can make  that happen  check out today’s download with the day  in the description box so below follow  me on all my social media and maybe I  will see you on a dance floor or runway  somewhere peace cause I could do with  some new

Men and Rings

Men primarily wear rings for two reasons.
Style as a right-hand ring, and as a wedding band on their left hand, many purely because they have to, thanks to the symbolism of weddings and commitments.

Choosing your wedding ring can be a daunting task, with plenty of options out there, and research sometimes being a never ending task. White gold and platinum rings are a popular metal choice men’s wedding bands, although many believe that yellow gold is still the only metal a wedding band can be made of as it has always been. Men’s wedding rings are now increasingly more marketed than before and as such, there are more options available that just a plain old wedding band.
It is purely a matter of choice that many would prefer designer bands or custom made rings as an alternative to traditional bands. In the majority of case, one would notice that men choose to wear plain wedding bands, purely for two reasons. Now those two reasons are purely price, and can’t be bothered.
Ultimately there are no rules about deciding on a man wedding ring. There are not any hard and quick rules about what makes a man’s wedding band different to a woman’s wedding band, except the successful marketing campaigns that have managed to capture the sentiment women place with their engagement or wedding rings.

Titanium is lightweight yet sturdy and is quite a common choice in men’s wedding bands. Generally speaking, we suggest that you browse a broad collection of wedding bands and choose which bands most appeal to you personally. When selecting a wedding band, consider the way you live. There is a full range of metals for men’s wedding bands, including titanium, tungsten platinum and of late palladium rings.

Also, stainless steel men’s wedding rings are currently available in several attractive designs as well as several innovative styles and are downright affordable with some starting as cheap as twenty dollars. You do not ever have to limit yourself to a single style or a particular shape of a wedding band. In case you have set your head on obtaining a wedding band tattoo, then you’ll need to decide on a design that can signify your love for your spouse and also celebrate your relationship.

Tungsten is just another popular pick for men’s wedding bands. Black plated tungsten wedding bands are amongst the hottest things in the wedding band market today.

Whether you’re in the marketplace for something as simple and plain as a classic band wedding ring or something high end as platinum or diamond-studded wedding band, keep in mind how they become a part of your everyday, and when you shop for wedding rings to find something that works around it. Selecting your wedding ring is essential, but setting a budget for this wedding ring is indeed more important. Since wedding bands and engagement rings are frequently worn together, it is a good time to consider your wedding band too at the time of purchasing your fiancée’s engagement ring if you are looking at getting a matching set. A wedding ring increases in value and thus going into debt for your wedding ring isn’t such a poor idea. Whatever be your situation as explained above, think about how the ring would fit into your everyday wear before you take the plunge.

Picking a Winter Jacket

Well it would be fair to say that jackets evolved during the caveman era from necessity or from the need to survive the harsh cold conditions. It would also be fair to say that they are no longer made from dead animal skin like they were, and would say a lot about your fashion and sense of it. In fact, it has become a fashion necessity and jackets are truly all about adding that additional style to your own ensemble

When you are considering purchasing a winter jacket, there shouldn’t be any compromise on either warmth or style. One does expect them to be durable and wouldn’t really be looking at something you can change every season, as a decent one can put a nice dent in the budget, so it would be fair to say you would expect them to last and to be worn for a few winters. You really don’t want to be stuck with a dud one that goes out of style.

Having a superb warm winter coat can help passing those cold and dreary winters quite a bit easier survive, however with so much to choose from, it would be hard to decide on which one to go for. While the jacket you really need could depend on which part of the world you are in, my advice is obviously based on having lived in the North Island of New Zealand, not as cold as it gets down south

Leather Jackets and Biker Jackets

The real key to getting the right biker jacket will be to try it on and obtain a feel for the leather and you’ll discover that it’s so much simpler to make the best choice. You don’t have to be a biker to wear a bikers jackets, they are stylish and sexy and if leather is you thing, I would say its perfect for everyday wear. The broad size options further make it simple that you find the ideal fit. Men’s leather jackets had come around quite a ways in the event of style together with fashion with latest trend and design besides a good leather jacket will last years if not decades with proper care. One other important suggestion to get formal black leather jackets for men may be the style. A superb leather jacket can simply last you about 40 years. As it comes in both great as well as inferior quality, one needs to be cautious while selecting a leather product. Always select your leather jacket in accordance with your personality


Hoodies and Fabrics with Polar Fleece

If you prefer a light weight jacket for every day wear, then your inner fleece jacket, with a soft or hard shell could be perfect for you. Whilst this is a definitely a fashion slaughter, many consider this practical and more importantly quite affordable.


The Padded Cotton or Wool Jacket

A jacket of the style is distinguished by means of a hood, bordered with fake fur. And can keep you relatively snug. While the biggest flaw of these jackets are they stink up pretty quick and are not as durable, they can be washed and maintained quite easily. Plus they are easy on the pocket and there’s plenty of styles to choose from. These are ideal if you are looking at changing one every season.

The warm Ski Jacket

If you’re an adrenaline junkie and get involved in adventure sports like ice climbing or skating, then this is a necessity. Study how to opt for a plus size winter coat which will accentuate your own body. The thermal lining in them, makes them pretty snug and warm. Although these are expensive, if you are smart shop at the end of the season for the next as the outdoor places do have huge markdown on these since they are quite bulky and take up a lot of shelf space. However please don’t wear this down the street as an everyday jacket you will definitely look like a douche.
Well that pretty much sums, it and your jacket should have your personality and be something you can wear and carry on comfortably, so whether you decide on navy or sweet caramel, its your call so look before you leap.

Judge a man by his shoes

The main thing to think about while buying men shoes could be the comfort WRONG

If women can put up with the misery of heels, why can’t men?
Ok, deck shoes are rather comfy. These and the other so-called boat shoes also have grown quite popular among men. Comfortable and fashionable shoes have become a significant part every man’s closet. The big shoe brands have realised that large size shoe marketplace is an increasing market and thus have begun giving importance to this market. Furthermore, the suitable cushioning, support and grip are a top priority, Wearing the incorrect shoes for the wrong occasion also conveys a good deal. Some men are found looking for trendy and fashionable shoes which could match their outfit.

Remember to hold your shoes clean and buffed all the time, as the saying goes, judge a man by his shoes. Dress shoes are really an investment, and you should think about stinging when investing in a good pair.

You will certainly get the suitable sort of look if you are wearing Men’s Shoes which are classy and fashionable. Round or bossy shoes wouldn’t look good with an official wedding outfit. Choosing a perfect pair of Men’s Shoes can be hard occasionally.

Shoes are now becoming the very best fashion accessory. Primarily, in case you visit just one shoes sale you’ll be able enough to access an amazing collection of shoes. Likewise, you will never have the ability to receive a better shoe than you’re able to with a web-based shoe store. A shoe made to look nice and truly feel great.

Work boots are specifically made for hard labour instead of fashion. After all, not every kind of shoe is fantastic for every kind of event, outfit and person.
They dont specify it is only in womens shoes, however there is hardly mention of many trends of mens shoes currently. Men are fortunate in regards to footwear, the fashions aren’t as fast to change, and shoes remain trendy for at least one season at one time. The Womens boat shoes are a fashion trend today therefore a few ideas can be suggested which may end up being useful in the timer of purchasing the shoes.

Take a Bow: a tie that is not just ordinary


Many believe that bow ties are merely for nerds and academics.Actually, that’s not true at all. There are 4 broad categories of guys who wear bow ties, and they fall into one of the below.

  1. Grooms and Tuxedo party goers
  2. Nerds, and Academics, Yes.
  3. Black Tie Events.
  4. Guys who want to make a style statement.

Actually, I’m honored to wear my bow tie, and also to fall into the last of the list above.

Bow ties are classy accessories, and when you make the decision to don one, you have already decided to earn a statement. With the proper outfit, a bow tie wearer portrays a sort of confidence which goes past the normal man.

Simply don a blazer in addition to the bow tie you’re wearing and voila! Adjust your bow tie to your own neck size as well as tie this up to see the way that it feels.

Well so what exactly is a bow tie?

As simple as the explanation goes; a bow tie is a form of men’s necktie within the shape of the bow.

When buying a bow tie, unlike a traditional tie, you need to make sure the length is right or the whole tie can look weird. In case the loop is very small, you’re going to have a really challenging time tying the bow. This loop will be in the front if you are done with the tying.

So, if you’re wearing a bow tie, put on a plaid one. Grooms of the current days select a black bow tie as it enhances the appearance of someone besides being so grand within their appearance and also matching that white shirt perfectly.

Attempting to impress a possible partner can likewise be a fantastic time to wear a bow tie, in the event the occasion isn’t too fancy and doesn’t ask that you wear a suit you may try wearing a sports jacket together with a bow tie. Wearing a bow tie may be a modest risky.

One particular final point is usually to be certain to tuck within the wing tips on the other side of the bow tie! The standard tie your own bow or for the less seasoned there is plenty of elastic or ready to wear bow ties.



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