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hey guys welcome back to my channel for  another episode of streets out  so a lot of you has been requesting  recently to do a video on talking about  the essentials that

I think are  necessary to have in a wardrobe or what  are some tips and tricks I would use  when I come to just starting one over or  rebuilding it from the ground up if 

you’ve never really cared about fashion  and like the circus sense let’s start  with the basics and actually go with  basics every wardrobe should have pieces  that will work in multiple outfits these  are referred to as items as basics  basics are the foundation of any sort of  outfit those are like your basic tops 

your denims your regular overcoats or  jackets certain things that are very  streamlined  color neutrals whites blacks Gray’s  camels those sort of color tones that  can be used and be transferable spending  less on basics is a great way to save  money because a lot of the times you can  buy really affordable options at a so  saara hmm as clear examples of course if 

you are like me and like to collect  pieces from certain designers or you  like certain textile choices spending a  bit more money on basics do come with a  quality increase you’re essentially  paying what you get for so really make  that choice to yourselves

shoes is an  interesting area of debate on my channel  a lot of guys find that they don’t  really want to spend a lot of money on  shoes versus the sneakerhead community  of people who do follow me and like to  collect I would say if you fall  somewhere in the middle choose shoes 

that will have multiple purposes  aka a pair of transferable sneakers that  can work from day to night  I’ve a pair I’ve dressier shoes that are  great for you know work events are going  out specifically to certain family  functions and I would say have a cool  pair of shoes that sort of fit somewhere  in the middle I like to kind of price up  my ranges I spend a lot of money on my  shoes simply because

I love collecting  shoes I love the story behind certain  pieces that designers create that’s all  personal preference but I would say if  you’re going to go for you know more  moderate price point shoes look at the  quality because at the end of the day a  shoe will get ruined very quickly and  you’ll end up spending more on  pears that you ruined fast than one that  will last a while a solid pair of denim  can change any outfit and to be honest  having two to three different types of  denims in your wardrobe

I would say does  a really solid job of covering a lot of  the bases whether it be a slight very  clean form-fitting black pair of jeans a  like distressed blue pair and maybe you  know something a little bit more  stylized with a few more rips or  distressed you know details to it having  three pairs of jeans gives you enough  range to cover a lot of the outfits that  you need especially with black working  both in the day and night of course the  more you spend usually the more you’re  going to get in terms of quality

that it  isn’t always the case though and I  really want to stress that just because  someone spent like four hundred dollars  on a pair of jeans doesn’t necessarily  mean it’s going to look as good as a  $100 pair of jeans or a $200 pair of  jeans or a $50 pair of jeans look for  fit look for quality of the denim

it  hasn’t been pre-distressed has it been  hand washed has looked what are the  finishes on those jeans those are all  super important characteristics of when  you’re looking at pants that can make  the difference between a pair of jeans  looking cheap or really like tacky  I do think having one major like sort of  overcoat slash like evening jacket is a  staple in your wardrobe don’t confuse  this with the blazer though because

I do  think every guy should have a blazer in  their wardrobe for you know work office  events family functions holidays you  know dates at a more upscale restaurant  for instance but I do think having an  overcoat is great because you do need  something for those colder months that  acts like as a sort of like

you know  protective barrier from the cold for  instance but I do think having something  that is a little more style that’s  usually something that’s black or grey  camel just adds a little pop it’s gonna  be really Universal and transferable  will work with most outfits  of course

I spend a little bit more on  certain jackets than I do with others I  think it’s going to come down to  designer preference at that point and  like your aesthetic choice just because  I might spend a little bit more on an  overcoat doesn’t mean that you have to  to still be stylish like take some of  the pieces that I’m wearing and use it  for inspiration if you don’t want to  spend that money

I just personally  choose to buy into the designer story  and like what comes with the outfit but  those are all things that I  that doesn’t mean you have to do that as  well having one to two dress shirts that  can you know work in an office  environment or be taken up to you know  like a club atmosphere

I think is  important for every guy whether you’re  dressing up a suit or dressing down and  wearing a pair of jeans a dress shirt is  kind of essential it can be used in you  know multiple different ways can be  styled completely differently I am very  street oriented with my fashion you guys  know that see that but

I definitely need  to dress up if I go to red-carpet events  if I go to galas YouTube events things  of that nature and sometimes true wear  isn’t always appropriate I was at a  wedding last week and I definitely had  to dress that up there are all kinds of  ways to save on dress shirts but I will  say that fit makes the most important 

aspect of any dress shirt you know come  across as being stylish make sure it  doesn’t tug too tightly on the shoulders  it is form-fitting it really depends on  taste if you like a more tapered look  but I think a good sign that a dress  shirt will work for you is how it tugs  on the shoulders if it’s really tight 

there you’re going to have issues  especially with lifting your arms up  it’s going to like raise the shirt up  especially if you haven’t tucked into  your pants which isn’t always the best  thing hopefully some of these tips can  help you guys in terms of rebuilding  your wardrobe make sure to check out the  other two videos

I did in the past and  the description box below do you want a  more like updated video talking about  you know buying designer clothes for  cheap let me know and maybe I can make  that happen  check out today’s download with the day  in the description box so below follow  me on all my social media and maybe I  will see you on a dance floor or runway  somewhere peace cause I could do with  some new

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