what’s up guys welcome back to my  channel my name is Alex and lately I’ve  been making a lot of videos and what.

you  should be wearing to see your friends to  hang out to go to parties but the  reality is a lot of you guys have  nine-to-five jobs as do i I work at  Google specifically I work at YouTube so  today

I wanted to make a video about  what you should consider when dressing  up for work everyday let’s get to it the  first thing you should think about is  what type of clothing is allowed where  you work so how do

you figure out your  boundaries the best thing to do here is  to look around are your colleagues and  see what they’re wearing now you can  kind of create this spectrum of what’s  accepted some might be wearing ties  other just a button-up shirt or maybe a  polo you can always ask a colleague who  you trust if you feel like that would be  helpful  after you do a little bit of research in  your office you can then figure out  where

you stand you can wear jeans  sometimes even distressed jeans like  these here combined with a button-up  shirt as long as you know what’s allowed  my rule of thumb for work attire is  never be the least dressed up person in  the room you don’t want to look like  you’re the laziest one there be mindful  of comfort you’re going to work for  eight two sometimes ten hours a day or  more you need to feel good in what

you’re wearing this is a brand I’ve  recently discovered called Ministry of  supply they make really nice office  clothing and focus on comfort and  movement with light and breathable  material so it matches exactly what I’m  looking for working in an office like  this is great because it gives me a lot  of freedom to wear pretty casual  clothing so this is what I usually wear  to work on a regular day now if

I know  I’ll have an important meeting or lunch  that day I might dress up a little bit  more just to be 100% sure that I’m  dressed appropriately also one of the  best things about Ministry of supply is  that they tailor your clothes for free  and some of your stories and if you just  need basic tailoring do it and they will  reimburse you

I got this shirt tailored  from them it looks amazing so I ended up  getting these pants here as well fYI  they don’t even get wrinkled so they’re  perfect for traveling I’ll leave all  their info in the description below  if you’re looking into getting some cool  new pieces to wear to work I really  recommend getting new accessories I  always wear watches to work because

I  feel like that completes my outfit but  it could be anything from really nice  socks to bracelets or even glasses that  stand out I really like this shirt from  scotch and Soda because it has this tiny  detail here and it shows character and  personality but it’s still professional  sometimes grooming will make or break an  outfit if you’re going away or a casual  outfit to work you need to make sure

you’re well groomed otherwise it just  looks like you don’t care  trim your beard make sure your hair  isn’t messy and don’t ever wear wrinkled  clothing now that you have a better idea  of what to wear in the office make sure

you hit that subscribe button and turn  on the notifications to my channel so  you won’t miss my next videos you can  also find more outfit inspirations on my  Instagram everything is in the  description below I’ll be running some  giveaways there soon so make sure you go  check it out guys get out there get some  work done and look good doing it  peace  you

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