How To Hem Your Pants | Mens Fashion Tips

what is up you guys so this is going to  be a quick tutorial on how to hem your  pants  sorry if I sound weird I’m pretty sick  but as you can see the pants are far too  long

we’re going to shorten them up and  make them look nice the easiest way to  do this is to roll them up like so and  use a pin to hold them in place wherever  you want them Carlos likes his pants  cropped above the ankles so that’s why  we’re making it so high or you can use  some chalk to do the same exact thing

this is the most important part so pay  attention this line you’re making here  is going to be where your hem or bottom  of the pants is when you’re all done  these next two measurements are where

you’re going to roll your pants so  they’re nice and neat I use either a 1/2  inch or 3/4 of an inch and give you  enough room cut off the very bottom and  you’re almost ready to start  basically from here on out you’re going  to make a roll at each line until you  reach the top line

where your head is  going to be use an iron to flatten  everything out to make sure your rules  do not come undone once you have reached  the original line where your hem is  going to be pin everything in place and  start to sew sewing is easiest part you  go around in a circle until you reach  the very beginning give it a little bit  back stitch and you’re good to go  so there’s a finished looked if you want  to see how to style these and how to  wear these check out the video at the  end  you

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