Mens Fashion Hacks & Tips for Winter 2017

what’s going on guys there’s your boy Jay Daniels and welcome back to the channel so in today’s video

we’re going to be talking about some men’s fashion hacks and styling tips that all

you guys can use up there for 2017 so I’ve got three tips for you guys out there and I’ll so once you finish watching this video you’re going to be full of ideas and inspiration and then they’ll want to see I hope much it’s chelate if I was to receive a snapchat from one of you lads out

there in some random girls bed the morning after the employer at the club casually taking a selfie while she’s asleep next to you I’d celebrate unmixed

you’re underage and that is breaking the law don’t do that stay in school and study because later on in life you will need that good grade in science said nobody ever are miss science I was that kid who was in the bottom saying low shit up and then just paper airplanes around the class

I didn’t get sent out to the Headmaster’s office like even then I was like wonder around school half an hour file efficient classroom and it just like peek through the window see if I’m can try concept with him on with the video so tip number one is about ripped and distressed clothing now rips and distressed jeans they’ve been around longer than some of us however a

few years ago ripped clothing burst back onto the scene and has been a huge trend since I’m a huge fan of this trend and currently possess a lot of items in my wardrobe that are ripped from ripped jeans to t-shirts and even a denim jacket you can pretty much get any clothing item in a distress form it’s very very important to guys and it’s a great style some will say a huge influencer who really does push this

trend is the man himself can us if you don’t know who can new West is and you’ve been living under a rock he is one of the biggest rappers in the world and currently bangs it however when it comes to distress clothing you want to avoid wearing them for the majority of smart occasions men’s fashion tip number two

I give you is on longline that clothing items again another popular trend that has taken off over the years is substituting normal-sized clothing items for a longer version t-shirts bomber jackets hoodies jumpers are all very popular options and I expect this trend to continue well into 2017 and beyond one of

my favorite outfit of the days to wear is this right here the longer t-shirt here with a normal-sized bomber jacket this is a very popular combination in the world of fashion and style and trends however

I wouldn’t personally wear it to long line quite litems at the same time because it just takes away at the long line affect the expression tip one of the reasons that I love winter so so much is because we get to layer up now they or not is for any occasion you can layer up for a smart occasion by wearing a shirt a jumper and a leather jacket or a matte jacket also create some great Street style outfits when layering up take the outfit from last week’s video for example this is one of my favorite layered outfits because of the contrast of the colors

I really think that the bright red and the blue denim jacket really does go well together why should we layer up reason number one to keep warm you step out in the cold to meet your friends at the shopping mall you don’t want to freeze to death walk in there when you get inside you can always take one of the layers off and

you still look great number two to put it simply it’s just so stylish so recap of the free tips look at buying some distressed clothing items if you want to improve your driving style fashion tip number two push yourself outside your comfort zone and substitute a normal sized clothing item for a longer line version and tip number three layer up because you don’t want to be having kids a young age so glad let me know in the comment section down below what you thought with today’s video if you find these tips helpful and you’ve got any video requests let me know in a comment section down below all my social media is also down in the description box for all you guys do you want to go follow me out there and I’ll see you guys back here next week I’m J Daniels

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